Our Executive Service Professionals train, coach, and partner with leadership at the board and staff levels of your organization.  Our areas of expertise include Creating the Executive Team, Exceptional Governance, and Better Board Meetings and Operations.

Creating the Executive Team:

  1. Interim/Contract Executive Director, CEO, and COO staffing services
  2. Leadership Development/Board Member Recruitment:  assessment, plan, and recruitment
  3. Coaching:  A safe sounding board and advice center for board presidents and chairs

Exceptional Governance:

  1. Understanding Alternative Forms of Nonprofit Governance:  Introduction to Dynamic Governance
  2. Governance and Nonprofit Structural Review: a board and executive staff operations audit for governance compliance and increased efficiency recommendations
  3. Nonprofit Tune Up:
    • Bylaws:  Review and Revision, compliance assessment and recommendations
    • Articles of Incorporation:  Review and Revision, compliance assessment and recommendations
    • Policies and Procedures:  Review and Revision, creation and drafting of recommended changes and additions

Better Board Meetings, and Operations

  1. NonProfit Business Model Canvas
  2. Board "1-2 Combination"
    1. Board Orientation Meetings:  Plan, conduct, document, assess
    2. Strategic Planning Meetings:  Plan, conduct, document, assess
  3. Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development Plan:  conduct, report, recommend priorities
  4. Budgeting, Forecasting, and Resource Allocation:  Test against Strategic Plan, review chart of accounts and class based reporting systems, reporting and process recommendations
  5. Team building and Goal Oriented Behavioral Options (Big Carrot/Little Stick):  tailored Board Self-Assessments
  6. Sustainable Operations:  Triple Bottom Line operations auditing and testing, metrics development, benchmark creation, and reporting tools.
  7. Planned Giving Program Development and/or Planning Giving Interim Staffing
  8. Volunteer Recruitment, Management, and Recognition
  9. Campaign Development: ie: Membership and/or Fundraising
  10. Communications Platform Development, Review, and Metrics: Planning and measuring your outreach.
    Services in red font are unique to Premium Organization, incorporating our years of independent interest, research, and purposeful application of uncommon skill sets for nonprofit benefit.

    Characteristics of Premium Organization nonprofit boards/clients:

    • Concise, compelling Vision statements and accurate Mission statements, well within the "one breath" rule of thumb.
    • Continual identification, recruitment, and training of future leaders.
    • Exceptional attention to Governance
    • Proactive identification and resolution of personal conflicts of interest and self interest - including those that are obvious and those that are more nuanced.
    • Members with strong personalities or personal bias willingly adjust their own preferences in consideration of what is best for the organization as a whole.
    • Strategic level discussion is the norm in board meetings, avoiding the "dark side" of tactical discussions.
    • A healthy Culture of Inquiry exists.
    • Board meetings that start and end on time, with all business accomplished.
    • Continual organizational improvement through a never ending series of small steps.
    • Strategic and Operating plans in accordance with organizational capacity to deliver.
    • Board and staff know always when they are heading in the right direction, and by how much.

    Does your nonprofit organization have a financially viable business model?

    Does your nonprofit have the Capacity it needs to reasonably expect to deliver on the Vision and Mission and strategic plan?

    Is your nonprofit a good steward of its resources?

    When was the last time your board orientation created the momentum for a successful strategic planning meeting?

    When was the last time your strategic planning meeting produced actionable items that were reviewed for success at your next board orientation?

    When was the last time your board orientation and your strategic planning sessions worked in tandem to leverage the prior years' work, and pivot easily with new insights and priorities?

    Best Value for getting acquainted:

    We know how to conduct orientations and strategic planning sessions that value the collective time and talent of the board members' attending as much as the knowledge and information gleaned on these days.

    Our Mission:

    Provide exceptional administrative and leadership solutions for extraordinary nonprofit organizations.

    Among our core values, Sustainability matters to us.  We inspire Triple Bottom Line nonprofit entities.

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